Update + Audiobook Giveaway

Well that was a doozy of a year!

I’m glad to be finally back at my desk after getting hit by the 2020 steamroller. It’s been a wild one! Health stuff, moving house stuff, family stuff… there has been A Lot but I’m delighted to finally be back at work.

In light of 2020’s… everything, Trick is delayed—not that you need me to tell you that!—but I’m super happy to be picking it up again. It’s always a joy to re-read a draft and fall in love with the characters. Sam and Hunter are a blast to spend time with and I adore the vibe they have together. Banter, childhood friends, fake relationships… these tropes are so much fun, which is exactly what I need after the last twelve months!

ETAs are apparently my kryptonite, so I’ll just say that I’m working, it’s going well, and I look forward to being able to update you on ARC opportunities and teaser chapters. Watch this space.

In other big news—

Cover of CRASH audiobook

Crash is now available as an audiobook! The narrators, Anastasia Watley and Eric Michael Summerer, did a fantastic job.

You can find Crash at all major audiobook retailers, including…

Even better, I have an audiobook giveaway for you! My audiobook publisher, Tantor, is kindly giving away 10 copies of Ride and 10 of Crash! If you want to win a copy of both audiobooks, sign up HERE! Entries open Tuesday, January 19 and close Monday 25.

For now it’s back to Scrivener for me… I broke some hearts in the black moment, and now I need to fix them.

Wishing us all a much, much better 2021.

With love,

Harper xoxo